Ceres Amino 14

Ceres Amino 14

Ceres Amino 14 is a liquid organic fertilizer which contains high quality amino acids that can be taken by the plants. Agroot Organic Pro is a completely organic product with its macro and micro elements and has been developed to improve the structure of the soil, increase plant and crop productivity. Unique and effective content of the product, cutting edge manufacturing technologies and high quality raw material makes it always superior compared to similar products.

Organic Matter: min %54
Organic Carbon (C): min %11
Organic Nitrogen (N): min % 8
Free Amino Acids: min % 14
pH: 5-7
Animal Based Organic Liquid Fertilizer
% Humidity: 28
Density: 1,27
Colour: Brown

Uygulama Oranları

- Accelerate the germination of the seed.
- Increase the resistance of plants to drought and frost.
- Protect temperature change.
- Give resistance to diseases and pests.
- Provide healthy root, strong trunk and branch formation in plants.
- Preserve the mellowness of soil for a long time
- Accelerates the growth of the plant by increasing cell division in plants
- Improve disadvantageous conditions in the soil.
- Adjust the PH balance.
- Dissolve chemical nutrients that the plant cannot get from soil.
- Prevent creamy layer.
- Increase soil aeration and resistance.
- Increase the absorption of benefical elements of the soil.
- Provide root development and increase the number of capillary roots.
- Accelerate the transport of nutrients from roots and leaves to the plant

- Boost product yield and quality.
- Continuous vegetative development.
- Prevent sweating.
- Provide strong tissue formation.
- Provide fast absorption
- Support plant growth during abiotic and biotic stress
- Increase the fruit size.
- Uniform ripening. 
- Provide a uniform output.
- Strong flowering.
- Provide immediate cling for surprised seedling without stress in adverse weather conditions such as cold and extreme heat 
- Increase the plant’s ability to photosynthesize by binding more carbon dioxide.
- Increase flower and fruit manner.
- Advance the aroma of the purchased products. When used for several years in a row, the taste of fruits become excellent.

- Facilitate the soil cultivation.
- Provide economical irrigation.
- Decrease fertilization input.
- Since it will keep the plant healthy, the costs of disease due to environmental effects are reduced.
- Extend the storage time of harvested crops.
- The product become economical.
- Produce marketable, organic, better quality and more uniform products.
- AGROOT ORGANIC PRO is safe to use and transport because it is fully organic.
- Save time ( Provide fruit growth, enlargement and earliness in the product. )
- Harmless for bees involved in pollination, insects in nature and other living species.

Below are a few benefits you can get by farming whit liquid fertilizers:

Easy and Proper Application

When granular fertilizers are applied, they may fall in patterns along areas that are not necessarily uniform; it's just a matter of being a solid rather than a liquid. In contrast, liquid fertilizers can seep into the soil and spread more evenly so that by applying an even coating to your areas, all plants receive the same nutrients regardless of their location. Applying liquid fertilizer is an easy process and the soil is treated more uniformly


One of the benefits of liquid fertilizer is faster access to nutrients for plants due to immediate penetration of the liquid fertilizer into the soil. For some plants, it is possible to see results immediately after application. Essentially ,many farmers around the world use liquid fertilizer to achieve rapid root growth. In this way, they ensure that the plants stay where they are needed.

Diversity in Application Options

Liquid fertilizer potentially work in a single pass over a season. These are perfectly acceptable methods of fertilizer application in terms of ease of application and consuming less time

Liquid fertilizers can save a lot for farmers. Reduces equipment standing time in the field and also enables faster application. Fertilizer application can continue even in light rain. Calibration of liquid equipment is simpler,more precise and can be done quickly than granules. These are all important time-saving factors.